Note: A laundry service might also be called Wash, Dry Fold

What do I need to do?
Simply bundle your general laundry in one pile/bag (any bag will do) making sure it’s separated from any items you want dry cleaned.

How much is it?
Wash, dry, fold services are usually priced per KG, the most common being 5KG starting at about €15. To give you an example regarding weight, 5KG is roughly the same as 1 regular pillowcase filled with clothes.

Don't worry if you don't have scales to weigh or if you're not sure of the exact weight. Just give it to the dry cleaner and they will weigh it at the facility. They'll be in contact if they need to charge a little extra for the extra weight.

How are my clothes cleaned?
Your clothes are washed at 30 degrees and then tumble dried.

What clothes can I put in the bag for the laundry service?

Casual laundry including underwear, PJ’s and gym gear – given their care label allows them to be washed at 30 degrees. Please be thorough before giving the dry cleaner your garments, as they can’t be liable in the rare instance of damage to an unsuitable item.

Note: if you would not risk putting in your own washing machine - do not send it for wash, dry fold!

How do I get started?
Head over to our booking engine, iOS or Android app, whatever you prefer to get started!

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